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Janet Leigh Jewelry is designed and handcrafted by Janet Leigh. Her design philosophy is “elegance through simplicity, allure through intricacy and meaning through personalization.” Each piece is created with these intentions.

Jewelry design and craft started as a hobby for Janet in 2008, and served as an outlet to balance her demanding career in Finance.  Her hobby soon became her passion, as she explored different jewelry-making techniques and spent more time honing her skills.  In 2012, she left corporate America to pursue her craft full-time and enjoys doing what she loves, while raising her family and advocating for breast milk donation and banking through her NOURISH collection.

Janet Leigh Jewelry has sold in boutiques in New York City, Boston, Houston, Charlotte, Chicago and Amsterdam and has been featured in various publications throughout the U.S. Notable customers include Beyonce and Millana Snow.  

Her entire personalized jewelry collection is also available on Etsy. Her Limited-Edition gemstone pieces and World Finds collection are available in stores only.