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My style and purpose as a designer have evolved since I began making jewelry as a hobby, over thirteen years ago. What started out as a creative outlet to balance my former career in Finance, grew into a handmade jewelry business. Today, Janet Leigh Jewelry is a fine jewelry brand and a conduit for me to bring awareness to causes and raise money for organizations that are close to my heart.
As a housewife and a mommy of three girls, I find harmony in minimalism and this comes across in my jewelry aesthetic. My design philosophy is to create distinctive staple jewelry that is meaningful to the wearer. Each piece is created with this intention and much love.
Janet Leigh Jewelry has sold in boutiques in New York City, Boston, Houston, Charlotte, Chicago, Provo and Amsterdam and has been featured in various publications throughout the U.S. Notable customers include Beyonce, Alyssa Milano and Millana Snow.  
Organizations that I support / have supported: