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In 2017, Janet Leigh created the Camellia Collection to support Camellia Waldorf School, an independent school in Sacramento California.

 “The first time I stepped onto Camellia’s campus, I knew that it was a very special place.

The backdrop of mature trees and the Sacramento River gives the campus an organic feel that is rich in natural wonder. The teachers foster a nurturing environment that allows for the blossoming of each child into their truest and best selves. The curriculum is broad to cultivate the intellectual and creative capacities of children. The Camellia community of teachers, administrators and parents are truly committed to creating an enriched experience for the children and I’m so happy to support the school in this way.” – Janet Leigh 

10% of all sales from this collection are donated to Camellia Waldorf School.

Camellia Waldorf School is the most ethnically diverse Waldorf School in North America. By purchasing from the Camellia Collection, you are supporting teachers, promoting economic diversity of the student body and backing outstanding academic, art, music and cultural programs at the school.